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The Sunset Music Festival Lineup – When and Where is It?

The Sunset Music Festival is an internationally renowned free-music festival. It has been running for the past fifteen years in Australia and has become a tradition in its own right. This festival features local and international acts along with well-known international acts. Its musical style is similar to the Big Day Out but without the bonkers jousting and prancing.

The Sunset Music Festival

For those who live in Ennis it is a pretty easy trip from their city, though it might be a little more difficult if you drove. The festival starts out at the top of North Macquay Street and passes by the top of the Royal Sporting Club Stadium where the football codes play regularly and draws a crowd of tourists who enjoy looking at the goings on during the festival. On Memorial Day Weekend the festival moves to the North Lottery Building for a full day of sporting action and entertainment. At the end of the day the festival moves back to its usual grounds on the south lot of Ennis where it stages the Sunset Music Festival. The festival runs through the month of August to September, when it heads to its second venue, the North Lottery Building, for another round of music and entertainment.

There are a few weeks of music and entertainment in Ennis before the Sunset Music Festival moves back to its second venue, the North Lottery Building. The third week of the festival features the Blue Man Group along with the Shakers. The main attraction for the final week of the three-week festival is the legendary Reggae band who headline the second day of the event. The band has a string of hits including “Wanted Dead or Alive” and they are backed up by the “Reggae Band”. There is also a special appearance by Don Henley and the Allman Brothers Band, who headline the final day of the Sunset Music Festival.