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Cincinnati Festival 2022: A New Year of Music

The second installment of the Cincinnati Festival is a celebration of the city’s rich musical history and a celebration of the rise of the Cincinnati scene to national acclaim. Covington, Cincinnati’s musical heart, is on the verge of exploding into a national music festival with its own following. This second-weekend music event will feature musical acts from across the United States and Canada, as well as some international musical acts, all in celebration of Cincinnati’s musical heritage.

Cincinnati Music Festival 2022 is slated to be bigger and better than last year’s edition. This year’s edition saw over fifty musical acts playing over two hundred shows at several venues, but organizers say that this was an underestimate of the number of local music fans they had hoped to attract. This second weekend of the festival marked the first time that Covington’s music scene has grown past its infancy and developed a strong following. At the same time, other cities in the surrounding area have been celebrating their music with smaller music festivals, and Cincinnati is looking to join in that celebration. “We are definitely looking forward to our upcoming summer music events in Cincinnati,” says Dan Russel, the Executive Director of the Great Cincinnati Music Fest. “We want to continue to grow the music scene here in Cincinnati, and nationally.”

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Music festivals around the country continue to prove the viability of local music as a form of entertainment. With a steadily growing musical community, music festivals allow bands to showcase their talents and generate interest in their songs, while also providing a venue for local musicians to come together and show each other how much they care. Cincinnati Festival kings are hoping to accomplish those goals by making this year’s festival a bigger and better event than last year’s. “This will be our best ever Festival in Cincinnati,” says Russel. “We have so many wonderful local musicians that we are really excited about this year’s lineup.” Cincinnati Festival kings hope that attendance and sales will go beyond last year’s numbers and create a strong financial base for the musical event, and help Cincinnati has become known as a hot spot for great musical entertainment.